Earn interest on your idle cash

Stablegains makes it simple to earn high and stable interest from DeFi lending markets.

Earn high yield on your cash. Simply.

Deposit easily from your bank. Our payments partner, Circle, makes it simple.

The funds are put to work. Interest is earned daily. Learn how it works here

Your funds are never locked. Withdrawals take 1 business day to process.

Daily interest

Stablecoin earnings

No long-term lockups

Support team available

US registered

FinCEN registered

Trusted by forward looking businesses across sizes and industries

Secure and regulated


We're committed to security during all processes by following industry best practices. Our website traffic runs entirely over encrypted SSL (HTTPS). Our policies are in line with those required by security frameworks such as SOC2 and ISO27001. Read more about security here.


Compliance is at the core of our business. We follow industry best practice from relevant regulatory frameworks including the Bank Secrecy Act. We partner with Stripe Identity as part of our KYC/B flow and use ComplyAdvantage to support our Anti-money laundering processes. Stablegains is a registered Money Service Business under FinCen (ID 31000195645232).


Using Stablegains is simple and so is the associated Tax and Financial Accounting needed to report gains. We provide what you need so you can report the correct taxes at the right time.

A better treasury strategy

Stablegains' yield is earned using DeFi lending markets.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is a quickly growing alternative to traditional finance and banking.

Learn more about how it works and understand the risks here.

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