Stablegains founders

Kamil Ryszkowski

Kamil started Stablegains to make it easy for anyone to get the benefits from new opportunities in digital finance in a safe and easy way.

Before, Kamil has worked as:

- CTO at Bearable, creating health tracking software that's in use now by 250,000 users worldwide.
- Director at CodeLeap, building mobile apps and websites for entrepreneurs and businesses.
- Product manager at True AI where he built intelligent customer service software, using AI to improve the productivity and quality of customer service. This is also where he first met Emil and they worked together in True AI for two years.

Kamil holds a first class degree in Computer Science and Management from University College London.

Emil Dalgård Rasmussen

With Stablegains, Emil wants to enable everyone to benefit from the advances in financial technology. His goal is to help customers create a better future for themselves and their families, with no worries about financial challenges and freedom to live the life they want.

Before, Emil has worked as:

- Cofounder and Head of Business Development at True AI where he deployed customer service software with organisations such as The Washington Post and Riot Games to enable better customer experiences.
- Management consultant at Vertical Strategy, now part of Bain & Company

Emil holds a Master's degree in Management from London Business School.