Here's how you earn a 15% APY interest rate with Stablegains

You benefit from digital finance technology

We make it simple and convenient for you to benefit from a new generation of digital finance products (DeFi), enabled by blockchain technology.

The 15% APY interest rate you can get is stable and accrues every day. 

You manage your funds via the Stablegains dashboard

Deposits and withdrawals are processed every 24 hours. You only pay network fees to deposit. No hidden fees.

You can deposit and withdraw using your preferred methods (ACH, wire transfer, debit card) with the help of our partner Coinbase.

There are no lock-up periods. Deposit and withdraw any time, and keep the interest you earn meanwhile.

Saving becomes simple

Using Stablegains, you're able to:
easily deposit and withdraw funds
benefit from the high yields available in digital finance
avoid high transaction and currency exchange fees

We take care of all technical aspects of accessing digital finance protocols on your behalf.

The return is generated from open lending protocols

To generate your high return, Stablegains places funds on your behalf with top lending protocols in digital finance (DeFi).

Lending protocols are software algorithms that function like banks, but are more efficient and thus generate a significantly higher return.

While at the moment we only support Anchor Protocol, our long term plan is to give you a menu of best-in-class digital finance protocols. We select them based on security and the ability to generate a high yield.

A better way to save

Stablegains' 15% APY is earned using Anchor Protocol, a decentralized lending market.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is a quickly growing alternative to traditional finance and banking.

Our mission at Stablegains is to bring the benefits of DeFi to everyone.