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High, stable yield for your customers

Today, savings account interest rates in banks are approaching 0%. DeFi technology changes the game.

Integrate the Stablegains yield API and tap into high and stable DeFi yields in your product.

plug and play

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Deposit and withdraw via wire transfer. Access your account, check your balance and trigger withdrawals via our dashboard or API.

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Secure and compliant

We're committed to security and compliance during all processes by following industry best practices. Our website traffic runs entirely over encrypted SSL (HTTPS). Our policies are in line with those required by security frameworks such as SOC2 and ISO27001. Read more about security here.

We follow relevant regulatory frameworks including the Bank Secrecy Act. We partner with Stripe Identity as part of our KYC/B flow and use ComplyAdvantage to support our Anti-money laundering processes. Stablegains is a registered Money Service Business under FinCen (ID 31000195645232).

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A better savings experience is becoming a key competitive advantage for challenger banks. Stablegains makes it all simple.

The Stablegains yield API allows banks to offer better interest products with minimal risk.

With Stablegains' API, integrating with DeFi yields has never been easier.

A better way to save

300 million Americans are let down by the yields that today’s savings accounts offer.

DeFi technology is a game changer. By integrating the Stablegains yield API, you can quickly and painlessly give your customer access to higher yields.

If you’d like your customers to enjoy these benefits inside your product, get in touch!