Earn 15% interest on your savings

Stablegains makes it simple to earn high and stable interest from DeFi lending markets.

Daily interest

Stable earnings

Withdraw anytime

7 days/week support

US registered

FinCEN registered

High yield

Earnings that make a difference

You can now earn 15% APY interest on your savings with Stablegains. This is 30x higher than in your traditional bank*.

* Using Citi’s market-leading Accelerate Savings account's 0.5% APY rate.


Access your funds easily

You can deposit and withdraw using your preferred methods (USDC, ACH, wire transfer) with the help of our partner Circle.

There are no lock-up periods. Withdraw your funds any time and keep the interest you earned.


Earn passive income every day

We take care of all technical aspects of accessing digital lending markets for you. You can simply sit back and watch your savings grow.

The 15% APY interest rate you get accrues every day.

What our customers say

Overall, I've had a very positive experience with Stablegains. They've been completely responsive and try their hardest to meet my needs. I'm earning more money in interest than I ever thought possible and their technology is rock solid.

Jordan Gillespie

The Stablegains team is super responsive and helpful, and my entire experience depositing with them thus far has been very positive

Kasey Cook

When I found Stablegains I thought it was too good to be true. Having used them for several months now, however, I can say that this superb service has kept every one of its promises. I can’t wait to continue to integrate Stablegains into my financial strategy.

Kai Pedersen

A better way to save

Stablegains' 15% APY is earned using Anchor Protocol, a decentralized lending market.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is a quickly growing alternative to traditional finance and banking.

Our mission at Stablegains is to bring the benefits of DeFi to everyone.

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